2017 Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program Finalists

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Albertsons Companies

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When a disaster strikes, first responders rely on community partners to serve as frontline resources—providing supplies and men and women to help those in need. 

During the August 2016 floods in Louisiana, Albertsons Companies activated its Disaster Relief and Outreach Initiative to serve a critical need in impacted communities. Across the country, stores under the company’s 20 banner operations coordinated with vendor partners to support the affected areas. National efforts included fundraisers, food and product donations, logistical assistance, and cash donations, and local stores supported the immediate response effort by converting its facilities into  emergency shelters and command centers for the local the fire and police departments, mayor’s office, and the Department of Homeland Security. 

In a disaster that caused roughly $8.7 billion in damage and destroyed more than 60,000 homes, Albertsons Companies employees worked around the clock to serve their community—tending to the needs of others. 


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Mastercard is responding to a pressing need from the humanitarian and development sector, making aid delivery during emergencies and disasters more secure and transparent. The Mastercard Aid Network provides vulnerable populations with greater control and dignity, and stimulates local economies.

The Mastercard Aid Network is an end-to-end service designed to streamline aid distribution, both for short-term disaster relief and ongoing, long-term developmental support programs. The chip-enabled cards benefit a diverse set of stakeholders, from persons of concern to the organization delivering assistance to the donor that allocates funds to respond to a crisis. NGOs from the International Rescue Committee to Mercy Corps have distributed Mastercard Aid cards, and in less than two years, they have been deployed in nine countries and are expected to reach over 600,000 people.

The Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company is committed to building the resilience and capacity of children, schools, and communities. Working in partnership with the American Red Cross and Save the Children, Disney designed interactive, child-friendly tools to promote the importance of disaster risk reduction education.

As child-engagement experts, Disney has helped build creative and engaging programming—with Disney characters serving as conduits for learning essential lifesaving messages.

To date, Disney’s partnerships with the American Red Cross and Save the Children have helped hundreds of thousands of children around the world learn how to be better prepared for disasters. Disney has dramatically reduced the impact of disasters on children’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development and has empowered communities worldwide to be agents of change in building strong communities.