2018 Citizens Awards

The Corporate Citizenship Awards honor excellence in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Awards are open to businesses of all sizes, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.

Any eligible entity may nominate itself or be nominated by a third party.  Given the public format of finalist information, third-party nominators should ensure the nominated entity is aware of the application and prepared to participate in awards activities.  

Eligible entities can be nominated for more than one category, but a separate application is required for each category. Additionally, while a company can be nominated in multiple categories, they will only be named a finalist in one category.

Past winners are not eligible to submit an application for two years in the category for which they won. For example, if someone won in 2017, they cannot win in the same category in 2019 and can only apply for that category again in 2020. However, those who fall under this umbrella are more than welcome to apply in other categories!

No more than three companies will be named a finalist in a specific category.