Best Disaster Response & Community Resilience Finalists

The Citizen award for this category is dedicated to a single strategic initiative focused on disaster response and community resilience. Eligible initiatives could focus on a number of topics including preparedness, response, & recovery, infrastructure, or housing among others.

2013 Finalists



Allstate’s grants, through The Allstate Foundation, support the purchase of supplies and necessary services when nonprofits respond to natural disasters in our communities. Learn more


IBM 2013 Winner!

When a major disaster occurs, IBM applies its consulting expertise and technology to solve problems and help those affected to recover. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to disaster response, yet the urgent and critical need for real solutions, deployed quickly, is always there. Learn more


Xylem, Inc.

One of the greatest drivers behind massive losses of life and property in disasters is the rapid population growth of particularly vulnerable communities. Through its DRRI-Water project, Xylem is helps communities prepare for disasters before they strike. Learn more