Best Environmental Stewardship Finalists

The Citizen award for this category is dedicated to a single strategic initiative focused on the environment. Eligible initiatives could focus on a number of topics including energy & water use, sustainable procurement/supply chain, packaging & recycling, fleet & transportation, or conservation among others.

2013 Finalists


Coca-Cola De Ecuador S.A.

Coca Cola De Ecuador S.A. has invested in educational programs that will help Ecuadorian communities combat and adapt to climate change and has adjusted business practices to better steward the environment. Learn more


Hilton Worldwide 2013 Winner!

Hilton Worldwide has rallied its global brands to make an impact on environmental preservation around the world by creating benchmark programs and processes in hospitality industry waste management. Learn more


Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin designs energy efficiency programs for its commercial and government customers, and helps them to achieve both environmental stewardship and responsible growth. Learn More