Center for Education and Workforce Network

Ethan Martin

CEO, Aviation Community Foundation

Zac Auter

Consulting Analyst, Gallup
Jonathan Finkelstein

Jonathan Finkelstein

Founder and CEO, Credly
Joe Waters

Joe Waters

Co-Founder and CEO, Capita

Eric Westphal

Senior Director, Global Legal and Corporate Affairs, Cognizant
Stan Ahlerich

Stan Ahlerich

Executive Director, Workforce and Innovation, Kansas Department of Commerce
Avra Cooper Siegel

Avra Cooper Siegel

Consultant and Expert on Women In the Workplace and the Future of Work

Kimble Burke Snyder

Consultant on Working Family Issues

Marie Rush

Intern, Center for Education and Workforce

Allison Armour-Garb

Senior Fellow, The Public Policy Institute of New York State, Inc.

Gene Bottoms

Senior Vice President, Southern Regional Education Board

John Brewer

President and CEO, Billings Chamber of Commerce

Heather C. Briccetti

President and CEO, The Business Council of New York State

Cornell Brooks

President and CEO, NAACP

Kelly Brough

President and CEO, The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Brandon Busteed

Executive Director, Gallup Education

Andrew Campanella

President, National School Choice Week

Neil Campbell

Director, Next Generation, The Foundation for Excellence in Education

Lucia Cape

Senior Vice President, Economic Development, Industry Relations & Workforce, Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County
Rachel Carlson

Rachel Carlson

Co-Founder and CEO, Guild Education

Pete Carlson

President, Regional Growth Strategies

Anthony P. Carnevale

Director, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

Linda Childears

President & CEO, Daniels Fund

Chris Clark

President and CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Carol D'Amico

Executive Vice President, National Engagement and Philanthropy, USA Funds

Rob Denson

President, Des Moines Area Community College

The Honorable Arne Duncan

Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Barry Duval

President and CEO, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Mark Elliott

President, Economic Mobility Corporation