Chart: Comparison of Business Aid for Disasters

Source: U.S. Chamber Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center

These sums represent pledges made within the first six months of the disasters; investments in long-term recovery and reconstruction are not necessarily reflected. For more information contact Bailey Jacobs.

#1 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
(U.S. Gulf Coast, Aug. & Sept. 2005)
$1.08 Billion
#2 Indian Ocean Tsunami
(Southeast Asia, Dec. 2004)
$566 Million
#3 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
(March 2011)
$301 Million
#4 Haitian Earthquake
(Haiti, Jan. 2010)
$147 Million
#5 Hurricane Sandy
(Eastern U.S., Oct. 2012)
$141 Million
#6 Kashmir Earthquake*
(Pakistan, Oct. 2005)
$116 Million*
#7 Sichuan Earthquake
(Central China, May 2008)
$110 Million
#8 Horn of Africa Drought and Famine
(August 2011)
$77 Million
#9 Hurricane Ike
(Texas Gulf Coast, Sept. 2008)
$61 Million
#10 Typhoon Haiyan
(Philippines, 2013)
$59 Million

*This response was tracked by the South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund (SAERF), a program administered by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philathropy.