Fort Campbell Fellows at Graduation 2016
Fort Campbell Fellows 2016


Employer Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must offer training in positions typically requiring a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience)
  • Willing to interview fellows for management positions (or comparable salary level) and/or be willing to refer fellows to opportunities within the company's network
  • Must commit to attending one networking session and graduation with each group of fellows

What is the value of your business participating in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program?

  • Your recruiting efforts are narrowed down to a chosen few, providing extended exposure to each candidate
  • You get all the benefits of a fully-funded corporate-level educational program, enhancing and sharpening the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each fellow
  • During the fellowship, fellows are still on active duty and receiving their paycheck from the Department of Defense
  • The program complies with all OFCCP requirements on veteran hiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company eligible to participate?

Your company is eligible to participate in the program if you:

  • Have the ability to train fellows Monday through Wednesday in management-level positions (or equivalent professional opportunities);
  • Offer training in positions typically requiring a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience);
  • Are willing to interview fellows for management positions (or comparable salary levels) and/or are willing to refer fellows to opportunities elsewhere within the company’s network; and
  • Can commit to attending one networking session and graduation with each group of fellows.

Is there any fiscal responsibility on the part of the company? Is there a cost to participate in the program?

No, there is no direct fiscal responsibility to your company, as the service member is still on active duty and receiving a military salary and benefits. The program’s educational training is provided by our training provider and/or education partner Simplilearn.

When will the fellows be available?

After the first week of educational training, the fellows will be onsite at your company Monday through Thursday for 11 weeks. On Fridays, the fellows will attend a mandatory classroom training given by the educational provider.

Are we (the host company) responsible for insuring the fellow?

Since the fellows are still on active duty, the military is liable for their well-being, insurance, and health needs. The training provider, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program, has signed a memorandum of understanding with each military installation and has secured installation approval to have the service member’s appointed place of duty be at the direction of the training provider.

Is an unpaid internship legal? Is this approved through a military program?

The fellows are not unpaid; they are paid by the military while they are in the program. This program is an approved Army Career Skills Program, which falls under the Department of Defense SkillBridge Program.

Are fellows able to travel on behalf of the company during the program?

Fellows will have to request travel through their military leadership, in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, as they are still under operational control of their command. Hiring Our Heroes cannot guarantee or arrange for blanket approval for travel for the program. Travel will need to be requested and approved by individual military commanders on a case-by-case basis.

Are we expected to hire the fellow(s)?

We expect every company participating to be willing to interview fellows for open positions if the fellows are providing the company with satisfactory work during the 12 weeks of training.

If hired, when can we expect the fellows to be able to start?

The program is designed to finish on a timeline that allows the fellows no more than 2-3 weeks to separate from the service. The intent is to have them available to start their new civilian career within a month after separation.

What is the role of the Fellowship Program Manager?

Hiring Our Heroes provides a program manager to monitor each fellow’s participation and progress. The program manager coordinates with the fellow’s military leadership and liaisons from their host company. The program manager also ensures program effectiveness, handles inquiries from each fellow’s military leadership, and captures success and satisfaction rates from fellows and host companies.

If we can’t host a fellow, how else can we get involved?

We are always looking for corporate leaders to speak to fellows. At the end of each week -- and as a way to kick start the fellows' weekly classroom training day -- Hiring Our Heroes hosts a ‘Fellowship Huddle’ with senior-level guest speakers. We are able to host speakers in-person or via Skype/video conference. Your company may also become a sponsor of the program. Please reach our to Ciara O'Dea at codea@uschamber.com if you are interested in sponsorship.