Why Readiness Matters

We know how much your employees, customers, and community mean to you as a small business.

Being prepared to withstand a disaster is an important role for the owners and leaders of the 30 million small businesses across the United States. Readiness matters to their employees, customers, and communities, too. 

As the economic engine of our country, small businesses provide for the livelihoods of both owners and the collective 19.6 million people they employ. Customers and communities also rely on small businesses for the goods and services that keep their daily routines running smoothly. 

At any moment, a disaster can threaten all of that, even isolated crises like a power outage or building fire.  

43% of small businesses that face a disaster never re-open. Of those that do, a quarter of them will be forced to close down within two years due to complications from the disaster. 

With an investment of time and attention before a disaster strikes, your business doesn’t have to become one of the statistics. 

We’re here to help your business be prepared to survive even when a disaster is at your door.

Read more about why readiness matters on our blog and access easy steps that any small business can take to become more disaster-resilient.  

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