U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Program is committed to improving the efficacy of business philanthropy in disasters, breaking down information and coordination barriers between sectors, and highlighting the unique work of corporate citizens in the field.  The Foundation works to:

  • Sharpen and clarify the business role in disasters;
  • Share best practices of the good work businesses do in disasters;
  • Help businesses be effective in giving/investing in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery;
  • Improve the way disasters are managed in the U.S. and around the world. 

Current Focus

The Foundation focuses on the oft neglected phases of disasters: preparedness and long-term recovery.  While most of the media attention and philanthropic giving goes to immediate response, communities suffer from a lack of attention and investment during the other disaster phases.

The objectives of the issue network are to:

  • Decrease the impact and cost of disasters around the world
  • Provide a forum for companies to share ideas an best practices
  • Communicate successes and catalog lessons learned

What the Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center Offers

We lend voice to business efforts to address challenges in disasters, deliver insights to inform decision making and best practices, and make connections with key stakeholders to drive positive outcomes.  This includes:

  • Case study publications highlighting the private sector’s innovative approaches that solve the challenges communities face before and after disasters
  • Research reports and briefings to inform decision making best practices around environmental priorities
  • Webinars to share successes, advance thinking, and drive solutions on disaster issues
  • Annual forum that brings together business, government and nonprofit leaders to share successes and best practices, develop collaborations and form partnerships, and drive positive results
  • Delegation trips on the ground in disaster areas to help companies understand how to give most effectively
  • Disaster Corporate Aid Tracker that records corporate donations to major disasters
  • Disaster Help Desk for Business that helps small businesses understand how to recover from a disaster

Join the Network

We invite you to support the Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center in order help us make a difference, and raise awareness about why business is such a force for positive economic, environmental, and social change. Contact Rebecca Mousseau at rmousseau@uschamber.com or 202-536-9134 to learn more.

Disaster Response and Recovery Factsheet