These publications have built the foundation for the strategic approach that we take towards supporting the needs of the workforce of today and laying a strong foundation for the future of education and the workforce of tomorrow. 

Untapped Potential

Published: 2020
  • Identifies how much breakdowns in childcare cost each of the four states studied: Iowa, Idaho, Mississippi, Pennsylvania. 
  • Provides an economic analysis on how the total Untapped Potential numbers add up. 
  • Explores the causes of childcare challenges as well as the motivations behind why parents select various childcare providers.
  • Catalogues the types of childcare benefits working parents desire most from employers in each state.
  • Shares stories from working parents to highlight the unique challenges each state faces in solving its childcare crisis.

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Building Bridges

Published: 2019
  • Identifies shared key messages, what advocates and business leaders consider to be the most effective language for building successful lasting partnerships. 
  • Outlines the most common and compelling data-driven cases for why businesses should engage in early childhood education conversations.
  • Profiles case studies of successful partnerships and their impact.
  • Makes the case for partnership between the business leaders and early education advocates.

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The Mounting Cost of Childcare in Washington State

Published: 2019
  • Key findings from a 2019 survey of Washington parents by Elway Research and an economic impact analysis by Eastern Washington University’s Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis.
  • A snapshot and economic impact analysis of how childcare challenges affect Washington state’s economy.
  • The estimated direct costs of turnover and missed work due to childcare issues in Washington.

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Leading the Way Toolkit

Published: 2018
  • Resources to enable the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable childcare. 
  • Key facts and a template to create an elevator speech on childcare. 
  • A tactical guide with checklists and tangible ways that the business community can make an impact.
  • Case studies that illustrate best practices and lessons learned for how to engage.

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Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow

Published: 2017
  • Makes the business case for early learning policies as part of the nation's economic development agenda.
  • Provides data about education investment, brain development, education gaps, and the changing face of our workforce.  
  • Highlights critical information about the childcare industry and its role in state economies. 
  • Outlines 10 things that the business community can do to advance access to high-quality childcare.

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