Shaw Industries

Shaw Industries set out to create a more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional PVC-backed carpet tile. The result was EcoWorx, which would become the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified carpet tile.

For Shaw, the product was designed to become carpet tile again, so it was essential to develop a takeback program to ensure we get this valuable material back as an ingredient for our next generation of product. To encourage participation, Shaw recovers the carpet at no cost to the end user. Each tile is labeled with a toll-free number on the back to facilitate the process. The economics work because of the intrinsic value built into the product.

Today, their program reclaims millions of pounds annually – converting carpet tile back into carpet tile. And they are looking at enhanced reverse-engineering processes and programs to bolster the return of our EcoWorx products as a critical mass of product installed over the past 16 years becomes ready for removal due to renovations.

waste conversion; recycled content; closed loop; recyclable; non-hazardous materials; final manufacturing; logistics; sales
Percent recovered content - pre consumer; percent recovered content - post consumer