Hiring Our Heroes Employer Webinars

Employer Best Practices – Insight from experienced trainers on recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans

Please join us for this webinar on employer best practices for effective recruitment and retention of veterans and military spouses sponsored by USAA. Our trainer will provide insight on how to brand your company as military-friendly, how to find the right veteran talent, and how to keep them engaged in your workforce. If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please contact us at HiringOurHeroes@uschamber.com.

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Best Practices for Employing Recovering Warriors and Military Caregivers

These short presentations from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) provide an overview of considerations and best practices for employing recovering warriors and military caregivers. Both modules focus on an important aspect associated with employment of this population. The first module includes an overview of employment for the U.S. veteran population and provides insight into the significant number of Americans who are full or part-time caregivers. The second module discusses the mutually beneficial scenarios that can be realized when workplace accommodations are used to improve a work invironment for all employees, not just recovering warriors and caregivers.

Module 1: An Overview of Veterans, Disability & Employment
Module 2: Benefits of Hiring Disabled Veterans & Caregivers


Best Practices for Construction Employers Webinar - Insight From Experienced Construction Industry Trainers On Recruitment, Hiring, and Retaining Veterans

It's a reality. For construction employers, a workforce shortage is just around the corner and with many returning veterans and military spouses seeking employment, making a connection is a win for all. As part of the construction industry's effort to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation have hosted a free 90-minute webinar led by seasoned veteran recruitment experts.

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Military 101 - A recruiter/HR manager’s guide to navigating the military infrastructure

Please join us for this webinar presented by Rob Miller of the Truman National Security Project. The presentation will include military basics that are valuable for every HR professional and recruiter to know and addresses common misconceptions regarding the armed forces. This training is designed to help employers be better equipped to hire veterans and military spouses into their organizations. Visit trumanproject.org for additional resources and information.

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Wounded Veteran Employment – A comprehensive guide to hiring veterans with disabilities

To learn more about hiring and employing veterans with disabilities, please join us for an informative one hour webinar covering the basics that every HR professional and recruiter should know. This training is designed to help employers make informed decisions about their workplace practices involving hiring and retention of veterans with disabilities. Viewers will learn important legal information as well as resources that can help improve employee productivity and corporate efficiency. This webinar is presented by Disability Rights California staff Alan Goldstein, Registered Legal Services Attorney, and Todd Higgins, Advocate. Disability Rights California is part of a national network of agencies providing advocacy information and services to people with disabilities. If you have any additional questions regarding this presentation, please contact Alan Goldstein at Alan.Goldstein@disabilityrightsca.org.

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Effective Hiring Initiatives - Building a strong veteran hiring program and employer checklist

This webinar is part one of a series led by Jeffrey Home, a highly experienced executive that assists organizations in building effective military hiring, retention, employee assistance, and leadership development programs. He presents pragmatic steps to start a military recruiting campaign, discuss improving selection and corporate/personal fit processes, the application of internal incentives, and how to enhance early performance and extend long-term retention.

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The Military Hire - Why veterans and military service members?

This webinar is part two of a series led by Jeffrey Home, a highly experienced executive who has built veteran employment programs for transitioning military service members. The presentation is designed for corporate leaders, hiring managers and HR professionals exploring the value of those with military experience to improve hiring return on investment. We help you find the right prospects, determine if veteran hires are right for your situation, provide unique perspectives on translating military skills into your technical/leadership needs, discuss leveraging military benefits to reduce costs, and help you better understand new government reporting guidelines.

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