Talent Forward 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 8:00am
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20062
United States

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Leadership at the intersection of work, education, and tech.

Today’s pace of change is rapid, and businesses of all industries and sizes are examining the trends shaping the workforce of tomorrow, while responding to the needs and changing expectations of the workforce of today. Education, work, and technology increasingly co-exist and overlap, and the relationship between learning and career advancement has never been closer.

Through all of this change, one thing is clear: There are many opportunities for students, workers, educators, and employers to be more in sync with one another.

Everyday workforce practices are transforming—how we prepare for present and future jobs, how we define and communicate the needs of those jobs, and how we hire for those jobs. Leaders in the business, education, and HR communities are redefining their roles and how they collaborate with one another to better connect students and workers to careers and advancement opportunities.

  • How can we create the right environment to support these new partnerships and encourage change that is disruptive without being destructive?
  • What does success look like? And who are the key players we need to make it happen?

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Featured Topics

Technology to Transform the Talent Marketplace 

It’s What You Know:
A How-to on Competency-based Hiring 

Technology and data are disrupting nearly every industry for the better, except when it comes to our education and workforce systems. This modernization is overdue, but it cannot be rushed and it cannot be accomplished in silos. Designing the technology infrastructure that will power the future of America’s education and workforce data must involve engagement from all communities. Speakers will discuss possible innovations, the important considerations for this type of change, and the leadership required from each community to get us there.  Our systems for attracting, hiring, and upskilling our workforce need to keep pace with, and better align with, a demand-driven talent marketplace. A path towards competency-based learning and hiring begins with understanding what it is, improving how we communicate in-demand skills and competencies, and determining how to keep those lines of communication open between the business and education communities over time. Leading practitioners from various industries will discuss the importance of this shift to competency-based learning and hiring, the role each stakeholder must play in improving signaling between employer and educator, and how data and technology support these efforts.  

Next Gen Talent Finance: 
Public or Private?

Access to Opportunity: 
Diversity and Equity in the Workplace 

The talent marketplace is changing rapidly, but the way we finance and invest in talent is not. The current debate has been centered on the role of the public sector in absorbing the cost of education and training, but new public-private finance and investment strategies are changing the paradigm. Contemporary earn and learn programs, upskilling pathways, and new delivery models require updated methods for employers, learners, and associations to invest in talent solutions. Speakers will discuss these promising finance and investment tools and highlight emerging best practices for employers and learners alike.   The business case for building a diverse workforce is growing stronger every day, employers are increasingly prioritizing talent strategies to create pipelines that are more representative of America’s diversity. Responsibility for ensuring that opportunity is achievable for underrepresented communities lies in the hands of employers, but the steps required for that move toward an expanded pipeline aren’t always obvious. At the same time, achieving an equitable workplace environment will require concrete steps to level the playing field. Leading companies will discuss their inclusive hiring strategies, the steps they took to develop them, and efforts they are overseeing to create an equitable workplace. 

Maximizing In-House Talent: 
Upskilling that Works 


As the demands of the economy and the American workforce evolve, workers struggle to find training experiences that meet their needs, while guaranteeing that their time and financial investments will result in a successful transition to their destination job. Employers partnering with providers that are responsive and nimble to both employer and employee needs are creating opportunities for their existing workforces. These employers and their employees will provide insight on how they are strengthening their organizations and their industries by supporting current talent. 

Last Year's Conference

With more than 300 in attendance in-person that day and more than 400 streaming the conference live online, Talent Forward 2018 was an all-star combination of expert speakers, solutions-oriented conversations, interactive demonstrations, and endless networking opportunities spread over one full day in the nation's capitol.

Our audience was comprised of business, education, nonprofit and associations, state and federal government, and chambers of commerce and workforce development agencies from all across the country coming together to discuss the topic that affects us all: our workforce. 

Talent Forward 2018 Recap