Bridging the Digital Divide

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:15pm

This webinar, presented by the U.S. Chamber Foundation and Tata Consultancy Services’ Digital Empowers Campaign, is part of an ongoing virtual event series designed to bring together innovators, changemakers, and cross-sector leaders, discuss emerging and critical social issues, debate tech-driven solutions, and create a platform for their collective action.

August is typically marked by back-to-school shopping and reestablishing routines following a summer of fun.


With the coronavirus still surging in the U.S., school districts weigh reopening and virtual learning, leaving more than 55 million K-12 students in limbo; telehealth services have been expanded to protect frontline health workers and hospital overcrowding; and tens of millions are working from home with anticipation of a more permanent transition to remote work on the horizon.


Few anticipated the realities of life in a global lockdown. High-speed broadband, digital fluency, and personal technology are determining our ability to participate in economic and civic life, as well as those who have been left behind. Historically marginalized, rural, and low-income communities face a significant threat as they are also home to the largest proportions of unconnected households. Without access and ability to seize digital opportunities, these already vulnerable communities will solidify the student achievement gap and limit social and economic outcomes for decades to come.


How can multi-stakeholder partnerships bridge the digital divide and the homework gap?

On August 26, the Chamber Foundation, Tata Consultancy Services, and the Chamber Technology Engagement Center hosted a conversation with broadband policy experts, local officials, and private sector leaders to learn about conversation with broadband policy experts, technologists, and industry leaders to learn about the complexities of broadband deployment and adoption, technology transformation, and multi-sector collaborations addressing digital inequity in rural, low-income, and historically marginalized communities. 

Access the State of Connectivity presentation and other referenced speaker resources here.


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