Tapping Into Talent: Improving the Transition from School to Work

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Many recent college graduates struggle to secure a job after graduation, even with a postsecondary diploma. In order to bridge the gap from school to work, systemic improvements are needed. Better data systems, more effective and efficient uses of financial aid, and expanding opportunities for the future workforce to connect with employers are solutions to this critical issue that will be further explored. This is an issue that not only impacts today’s workforce but stands to cause repercussions for years to come.

Tapping Into Talent: Improving the Transition from School to Work will convene members of the business community, current college students, and recent graduates to discuss how to more effectively manage transitions to employment. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation event, co-hosted with youth advocacy organization Young Invincibles, will be held on February 26, 2014, at the Chamber‘s headquarters in Washington, D.C. 


 9:30 a.m.

Registration Opens

 10:00 a.m.

Welcome Remarks

  • Jock McKernan, Senior Adviser to the President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

  • Cheryl A. Oldham, Vice President, Center for Education and Workforce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

 10:15 a.m.

Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Robert Templin, Jr., President, Northern Virginia Community College

 10:40 a.m.

Breaking Barriers from School to Work

A postsecondary diploma does not automatically result in securing a job. To better align the transition from school to work, there need to be greater connections between students—the future workforce—and employers. Within the last decade, several innovative initiatives have been created to provide both students and the business community with a clear picture of the numerous pathways to secure fulfilling employment.

  • Angela Cobb, Director, Return on Inspiration Labs, LLC, New Options Project

  • Andrew Faria, CEO, Modern Technology Council, Inc.

  • Elyse Rosenblum, Principal, Public Private Possibilities

  • Liz Simon, Associate General Counsel, General Assembly

Moderator: Aaron Smith, Co-founder, Young Invincibles

 11:45 a.m.


 12:00 p.m.

Networking Lunch

 12:30 p.m.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data can play a critical role in realizing the potential of future employees but even if we had the answers to all of our questions, it will mean nothing if consumers—both students and employers—don’t use it to inform their decision making. New tools have been created to connect consumers with the information they need using innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit. This interactive session will explore those new tools and demonstrate how they can be used to help consumers as they navigate the information age.

  • Brandon Carroll, Vice President, Koofers Campus Recruiter

  • Devon Graves, Chair, California State Student Association

Moderator: Joel Gurin, Author, Open Data Now; Senior Advisor, The Governance Lab

 1:30 p.m.