ILR Pilot Interest Form

Implementing ILRs at scale is not a product problem, but an infrastructure problem. The T3 Network is ideally positioned to support ILR pilots because its approach is use-case driven, standards-based, and vendor neutral. The emerging data and technology infrastructure that the T3 Network is seeding is able to support a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of ILR sharing across multiple vendor products, platforms, and stakeholders.

Anyone can implement an ILR pilot. An ILR pilot should include multiple vendors, be cross-domain (e.g., education partner to employer partner), data standards-based, competency rich, and contain some aspects of individual control or self-sovereignty. If you are interested in organizing or participating in a pilot, please submit the form below.

Pilot Interest Form

The best point of contact (PoC) for the submitting organization.
Identify one or more use cases that your ILR pilot intends on addressing. Note: you may only intend to implement aspects of a use case and not the use case in its entirety.
Do you have one or more target populations in mind? If so, please specify (e.g., veterans, all learners, underserved populations, etc.).
Identify what type of partner you are and what role(s) you plan to play in the pilot.
Describe what role(s) you play (e.g., you are an education institution interested in generating and exchanging records with an employer).
Identify which organizations plan to be a part of your pilot.
Describe where you are in need of additional partners in order to carry out your pilot.
Identify technology assets or resources you and your partners currently have that you plan to use when implementing your pilot (e.g., an existing CLR).
Identify which resources you anticipate needing in order to carry out your pilot that you currently do not have or that you wish to access through the ILR Resource Hub.
If you selected "other," please describe any additional resource needs.
Identify which quarter in calendar year 2020 you anticipate launching your pilot (note: the Resource Hub is anticipated to launch in Q2 2020)