ILR Resource Hub Contribution Form

The T3 Network will launch an interoperable learning record (ILR) Resource Hub that will contain a variety of resources to support networks of organizations implementing ILRs in the ILR pilot program

The Resource Hub will include open data resources as well as links to partners that can enhance the interoperability of current and new learner record products and tools, such as:

  • Documentation on data standards,
  • Technical protocols for linking data to individuals,
  • Competency data for populating content in the ILR,
  • Information about other pilot partners and potential partners for your ILR pilot, and
  • High-level field guides that provide instructions and best practices for implementing, coordinating, and evaluating ILRs.

The ILR Resource Hub will be available to any stakeholder or set of partners that are interested in pursuing an ILR pilot. If you are interested in contributing one or more resources to the Resource Hub, please complete the form below.

Contribution Form

The best point of contact (PoC) for the submitting organization.
Identify one ore more types of resources you plan to contribute.
If you selected "other," indicate the resource type you plan to contribute.
Describe in detail the resource(s) you plan to contribute and include any links for additional background information or context.
Identify which quarter in calendar year 2020 you anticipate your resource(s) becoming available for inclusion in the Resource Hub.