We’re on a mission to foster business engagement in community wellness. Join us and invest in your community or organization to create a healthier future.

What does it take to build a healthy community where both people and businesses thrive? 

The private sector holds tremendous influence to bolster a greater culture of health in America. Our nation's competitiveness is driven by the health of our communities and people. 

Communities that have a strong commitment to building a Culture of Health provide a fertile environment to grow new businesses, attract investment and build a strong talent pipeline. 

The Health Means Business Champions Network showcases examples from extraordinary communities of Health Means Business Champions where business and health leaders have engaged in long-term collaboration to build both health and economic prosperity. Learn about the Health Means Business Campaign

We have compiled these best practices from our network into easy to use tips, tools and Health Means Business Learning Modules to help every community take action to invest in building a Culture of Health. We also invite you to sign up to join the Health Means Business Champions Network and stay updated on news, events and best practices.

This initiative is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as part of their mission to build a Culture of Health.