Fit 15: Fifteen Ways to Drive Community Wellness

Driving wellness in your community is something everyone can do. Here are fifteen ideas from our Health Means Business Champions Network. Download as PDF.

  1. Join the Health Means Business Champions Network by taking the Wellness Pledge to invest in your organization and your community.
  2. Create and activate a corporate wellness committee, making sure that community wellness is part of its charter.
  3. Dedicate an afternoon to a company-wide Get Fit “Health Hackathon” to brainstorm ideas on how employees can build a culture of health in their community.
  4. Invite local nonprofits to present their work at employee “brown bag” lunches and then commit volunteer time.
  5. Bring a local farmers market or community-supported agriculture (CSA) program onsite to provide fresh, healthy vegetables.
  6. Participate in a local health challenge, like a charity run.
  7. Post a map of public walking paths at your company’s campus.
  8. Encourage and reward employee volunteerism with gift cards or recognition.
  9. Create a Community Service Corps and provide employees sabbaticals for volunteer time.
  10. Encourage employees to join their local school board or school wellness committee.
  11. Create or join a city health and wellness coalition.
  12. Find a healthy community partner, like the YMCA, and create joint programming designed for the whole family.
  13. Work together with other business and urban planning leaders to redesign your city for easier walking and biking between neighborhoods and business districts.
  14. Host a CEO breakfast roundtable to galvanize CEO leadership in building community health.
  15. Host a Health Means Business Forum with your local chamber of commerce and lead the movement in your community.

Sources: Health Means Business Forum Interviews 2015-2016, and The Wellness Council of America 2015