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The Corporate Citizenship Center’s Health, Wellness, and Food Program provides companies and stakeholders resources, connections, and relevant insights in order to tackle the roots of poor health and food insecurity in communities.

The Health, Wellness, and Food network seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of models that transform communities to produce good health outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities to work collaboratively with other relevant CCC issue area networks (i.e. sustainability, disaster response,  economic empowerment and financial inclusion)
  • Increase understanding of the role of health and wellness in helping companies not only “do good”, but drive profit and support employee and community health
  • Raise awareness of the business community’s role in health and wellness beyond their own employees
  • Provide opportunities that support the development of strategic partnerships for the business community that contribute to community health and wellness (a key factor for creating a stronger workforce)
  • Showcase best practices and promote innovative approaches for how companies are improving health, wellness, food systems, and hunger thru employee engagement, community partnerships, and new business strategies
  • Provide a convening platform for networking, learning, sharing and capacity building to tackle health, wellness, and food system challenges while driving performance, competitiveness, and innovation