Corporate Citizenship

For more than 10 years, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center has dedicated itself to advancing the field and practice of corporate citizenship.  Through our programming, events, original research, and relationships with key NGO's and governments we have helped hundreds of companies improve the impact of their citizenship initiatives. We works to advance best practices and understanding in a number of citizenship topics including:

  • Social Enterprise
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Employee Engagement
  • Skills-based Volunteerism
  • Governance & Ethics
  • Corporate Giving & Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit Capacity Building

Nonprofit Capacity Building Issue Network

Our works provides businesses with resources and information they need to build the capacity of nonprofits and to better prepare both sides to work together in outcome-oriented partnerships. Learn more about this Issue Network.


The Blog showcases the leading voices for business and highlights best practices, innovative partnerships, and award-winning programs. Read the latest posts.

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The State of the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Profession

In partnership with CROA, we surveyed various stakeholders, including academics, practitioners, and recognized thought leaders, for the study. The results serves as a benchmark for where the CR profession stands in 2012 as well as provides recommendations on how to mature the field’s set of knowledge, skills and attributes. Read the report.

Case Study Publications

Through our case study publications, the Corporate Citizenship Center showcases the many ways that companies add social value through their products and services, supply chaines, operations, or resources. These reports feature corporate citizenship best practices, highlights emerging trends, and provides lessons learned. Explore our reports.

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