Green Space

Green space is a broad term which refers to initiatives that encourage the development of open space in an urban setting for the purpose of foliage-filled public parks and recreation areas. Green space can have manifold benefits including the promotion of biodiversity, the aesthetic value of greenery in often densely gray urban atmospheres, and the opportunity for active or passive recreation. Green spaces could include, but are not limited to:

  • Parks
  • Community gardens
  • Higher education campuses

Why does business engage this issue?

Green space makes for a more positive community environment. Beyond the general aesthetic appeal of beautiful flowers and trees in an urban space, green space also encourages biodiversity in environments which can be otherwise monotonous in their plant and animal life. The concept of green space is to better integrate the natural environment with the built environment, and green spaces can create refuges of peace and quiet within the bustle of city life. They can also provide opportunities for recreational activity in an environment free of the hazards of motor traffic.