Issue Networks

There is power in many.

This simple, but powerful, concept drives the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center. When a coalition of business convenes around an issue, real change and impact occurs. This is the foundation for our Issue Networks. 

Issue Networks are business-led coalitions of leading companies that work together to harness their collective power to advance progress against specific issues they care deeply about. Led by small groups of executives from the Leadership Circle supporters, these working groups are at the front of innovative efforts within specific issue areas. The networks may include leaders from strategic government and nonprofit sectors and are resourced by our staff.

Collaboratively, Issue Networks may initiate steps including research, grants, and pilot programs ranging from skilled-based volunteerism to original research. Networks define specific, measurable outcomes and develop a plan to achieve them to drive real change.

Issue Networks

Every year at the Leadership Circle Summit, business leaders convene and determine a set of social priority areas as well as opportunities to initiate other networks within our overall framework. This year, we are focused on the following priority areas:

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