STEM Education and Jobs Skills Training


To get involved, please contact Marc DeCourcey, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship Center.

The U.S. relies heavily upon technology and innovation for its economic strength, yet it is consistently being reported that American studies lag behind their international peers when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math. The STEM network seeks to identify, raise awareness, and promote business solutions and other contributions to this issue. This Network seeks to:

  • Network and share best practices with peers.
  • Build awareness around local and national STEM and job skills training programs
  • Develop partnerships across sectors

Featured Research


A Lesson Plan for Partnerships: Insights From Leading STEM Nonprofits looks to better understand partnerships between corporations and nonprofits. By surveying leading STEM educational programs, the research assessed the relationship between nonprofits and corporate partners and provides a guide for how to build stronger partnerships.




For more information and resources on education, please visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Education and Workforce program.