Data Standard for Jobs

For the JDX to be successful, we must have a data standard that represents and reflects the way we approach hiring today.

JDX JobSchema+

Our proposal is the JDX JobSchema+, a standardized way of organizing structured data on the web for jobs. We will pilot test the JDX JobSchema+ through the JDX prototype in the fall. 

The JDX JobSchema+ extends and improves upon a widely-deployed schema in the employment context, the JobPosting Schema. On an ongoing basis, the progress of the JDX JobSchema+ pilot will be shared with the W3C Talent Marketplace Signaling (Talent Signal) Community Group for its consideration and feedback.



Open Window for Feedback

To provide feedback on the JDX JobSchema+ please complete the form below. Each email addresses is limited to one entry.

Relevant items to provide feedback on include:

  • New or revised key terms (properties) for the JDX JobSchema+
  • Text that improves the intent and meaning of the definitions for a specific key term
  • Additional or alternative examples to include in the additional guidance column
  • Reordering of key terms within the category sections

The window for comment submission will close on September 1.

JDX JobSchema+ Feedback Form