LGBT Inclusion Hub

Developed through the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Incorporating Inclusion initiative, the LGBT Inclusion Hub for Small Businesses provides tools, resources, and best practices on LGBT inclusion in the workplace, as well as one-on-one expert assistance on how to foster LGBT-inclusive programs and policies. Read on to find helpful resources or fill out this form to receive one-on-one support for your LGBT-inclusion needs.


Get Educated  I  Enact LGBT-Friendly Policies  I  Build an Inclusive Infrastructure
Understand the Impact of COVID-19  I  Additional Resources

Get Educated about LGBT People and Issues   

Why should employers care about diversity and inclusion? 

How can employers better understand the LGBT community? 

Enact NonDiscrimination and Other LGBT-Friendly Policies  

What do employers need to know about laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination? 

Build an Infrastructure to Support and Sustain LGBT Inclusion 

How can employers create an LGBT-inclusive workplace? 

Understand The impact of COVID-19 on LGBT people

What should companies know when it comes to how the pandemic is impacting LGBT employees?