Moving Forward

The eight themes described here all point to the integral role that small businesses play in local communities. Even in cases when they are not the primary economic drivers in a community, small business owners are locally-based exemplars of the best parts of the American Dream. 

Despite all the negativity around the COVID-19 pandemic, and the state of race in America, nearly all of the small business owners we spoke to were optimistic about their community’s future, both for small businesses generally and inclusionary efforts specifically. But they all understood that work remained for the small business community.

So, how do we help small businesses thrive through their inclusivity? Through its Incorporating Inclusion campaign, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is preparing two new tools to help small businesses and local chambers continue their LGBT inclusionary efforts. 

First, we are taking the lessons from our research and creating the LGBT Inclusion Hub for Small Businesses – an online platform for small business owners to find the resources and inspiration they need to build inclusive workplaces. 

Second, we are providing one-on-one expert assistance on how to foster LGBT-inclusive programs and policies. Small businesses can fill out this form to get in touch with our DE&I expert. 

Incorporating Inclusion will continue its efforts to showcase the importance of LGBT – and all – inclusionary efforts in the workplace.