Businesses Aim Dollars, Sense at Early Childhood Interventions

November 11, 2010

Supporting America's future workforce begins at birth, especially when it comes to helping the nation's most at-risk kids, according to business leaders at The Boeing Company and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. That's because high-quality, research-based early childhood education leads to kindergarten readiness, success throughout K-12 and college, and an increasingly more solid, qualified, and competitive workforce, according to the report Ready, Set, Go: How Business Can Support Early Childhood Education.

The report was released in September by the nonprofit Institute for a Competitive Workforce (housed at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) along with Pew Charitable Trusts, PNC Bank, and Knowledge Universe Education.

Ready, Set, Go is part of the U.S. Chamber's ongoing Early Childhood Education Initiative. The report outlines available research, offers straight talk about the complexities of early child care's mixed delivery and funding systems, suggests action steps, and gives examples of successful public-private early childhood partnerships.

"It's a collective [early childhood] voice nationwide within the business community," said Sonia Campos-Rivera, education policy and public affairs manager for the L.A. Chamber.


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