The skills gap is not just an employer engagement problem, it’s also a technology problem.

When it comes to data and technology innovation, the education and workforce space is ripe for major advancement and transformation. However, the current landscape is not poised to optimize the technology solutions available to it in large part because of data silos, fragmentation, and lack of standardization across key stakeholders in the talent marketplace.

In early 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Lumina Foundation launched the T3 Innovation Network to bring businesses, postsecondary institutions, technical standards organizations, and human resource professionals and their technology vendors together to explore emerging Web 3.0 technologies in an increasingly open and decentralized public-private data ecosystem.

Together, we are building the technology infrastructure to allow employers to signal the skills they need, for learners to signal what they can do, and for educators to signal what people are being trained and educated to do.

The Network has since grown from a kickoff meeting of 60 individuals to a thriving network of over 150 organizations. In its first six months of existence, the T3 Innovation Network held ten webinars, produced a background paper, four work group reports, and identified 50 use cases resulting in ten pilot projects. The T3 Network has become the go-to space to explore new and emerging technologies—such as Semantic Web, AI, machine learning, and distributed ledger technologies—and to advance recommendations for an open, shared data infrastructure for learners and workers alike.

Phase 1 Final Report

Competency is the new currency.

This report summarizes and brings to a close phase one of the T3 Network. The report is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on the T3 Network’s vision, guiding principles, and profiles the work groups. Part II highlights the T3 Network’s recommendations, organized as a list of pilot projects that together provide the foundation for an open, distributed, public-private data infrastructure that supports access and opportunity for the American student and worker. The report concludes with next steps and acknowledgements.

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How to Get Involved

  1. Email with “T3 Innovation Network” in the subject line to schedule a call with our team to discuss getting involved in this project.
  2. Learn more about the background behind the initiative. Read the T3 Innovation Network one-pager.
  3. Complete the T3 Innovation Network survey to become a participating member of the network.