Technology and data are disrupting nearly every industry for the better, except education and workforce.

The education and workforce space is ripe for major advancement and transformation, however, the current landscape is not poised to optimize the technology solutions available to it in large part because of data silos, fragmentation, and lack of standardization across key stakeholders in the talent marketplace.

Together with leaders from the field, we are designing the technology infrastructure to power America's education and workforce data that will allow employers to signal the skills they need, for learners to signal what they can do, and for educators to signal what people are being trained and educated to do.

Phase 2

Lumina Foundation is joined by Walmart in supporting Phase 2 of the T3 Innovation Network, announced via press release in December 2018.

The focus of Phase 2 is implementing a series of ten pilot projects, outlined in the Phase One report, that will help us build the technology infrastructure and data/system standards we need to modernize the U.S. talent marketplace by aligning learner, education, and workforce data. We have grouped the pilot projects into four categories of work to be accomplished, and outlined work tasks for each pilot project.

T3 Pilot Projects

The Network

The T3 Network is comprised of more than 200 organizations, including businesses, postsecondary institutions, technical standards organizations, and human resource professionals and their technology vendors.

Meet the Team


Background & Phase 1 Reports

In early 2018, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Lumina Foundation launched the T3 Innovation Network. Learn more about the background behind the T3 Innovation Network, read the Phase 1 report, or read the four Work Group reports.

Background & Reports