Our Approach

Helping business make a difference.

We help business make a difference. We lend voice to business' efforts to address social challenges, deliver insights business can use,  make connections that improve outcomes, and drive results. Working together, our powerful network of companies aggregate resources and expertise. 

There is power in many.

This simple, but powerful, concept drives the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center. We create opportunities for organizations (private, public, nonprofit, etc.) to share best practices, identify common interests, initiate dialogue and drive action to address fundamental challenges within our communities, in the United States and around the world. Our issues based framework allows BCLC to aggregate resources and expertise within the U.S. Chamber Foundation and other organizations. The framework identifies some of the fundamental issues that businesses are investing time and allows like-minded practitioners and organizations to connect with people and resources around issues that matter most to them.

Every day, business is helping solve fundamental social challenges by investing their time and capital.  We tell their stories and help advance their impact.

Along with helping businesses tackle specific issues, the Foundation's Corporate Citizenship Center also works to advance the field of corporate citizenship. Learn more about our corporate citizenship work.

The challenges business is helping to address include:
+ to Expand, * Denotes an Active Issue Network

Community Improvement (+)

Disaster Response & Community Resilience (+)

Economic Empowerment (+)

Health & Wellness (+)

Environment (+)


Our Approach

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