Partnership with Pioneer Products


In the United States, more than 82% of the materials that flow through Walmart stores, Sam’s Clubs, and distribution centers are being diverted from land fills. In 2014, Walmart U.S. partnered with Pioneer Products to drive a closed-loop manufacturing program. Pioneer Products collected icing buckets used in Walmart store delis and difficult-to-recycle mixed plastics via an already existing reverse logistics network, and used the resulting resin to manufacture 45-gallon trash cans that are sold on Walmart shelves. During 2014, more than 215,000 icing buckets were recycled into more than 351,000 trash cans. The plastic resin contributed 10.9% of the trash-can makeup, and 95% of the icing bucket was able to be reused in the new product.

closed loop; waste conversion; recycled content; recycling; design; business model; retail; intermediate manufacturing; operations
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