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March 30, 2011

ETS and Accenture Connecting Latinos to Lifelong Job Skills

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According to the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), Hispanics represent one-eighth of the nation’s population, but a disproportionate number fill low-wage jobs. ETS has partnered with the ASPIRA Association to encourage private-sector companies to offer scholarships and internships to identify and prepare talented Hispanic college students for future workforce needs. Known as ¡Sí! The New American Scholarship & Internship Program, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of Hispanic and other minority students who enter and remain in college and who successfully transition from college into the corporate world.

Corporations interested in hiring interns or offering scholarships work closely with ETS to help them design the application, program goals, location of internships, projected number of needed interns, and appropriate selection criteria. ETS guides the process from start to finish, making sure to align the internship design with goals that meet the business’ bottom line. Students then apply for the scholarships or internships, and finalists are chosen to interview with the individual company. Once selected, each intern receives training and skills needed in the jobs they will seek once they graduate. ¡Sí! benefits not only the students but also the business itself as it provides access to specific talent and helps meet diversity and inclusion goals. ¡Sí! is a cost-effective way to establish lasting relationships with recruits who are more likely to remain on the payroll once their internship is over, ultimately reducing turnover and training costs.

The internship design process for the first round of ¡Sí! began in spring 2010 with Accenture as the first sponsor. ETS worked with the company to identify how they could strategically use interns to fill workforce needs, and the first round of students will begin their internships in the fall 2011. Though in its nascent stage, ¡Sí! hopes to partner with as many businesses as possible to expand the program nationwide.

“¡Sí! is an innovative program that helps Latino students develop the skills and opportunities they need to successfully begin a career,” said LaMae Allen de Jongh, managing director of U.S. Human Capital and Diversity at Accenture. “This is a natural fit for Accenture, since growing the skills and diverse talents of our people is at the heart of our business and maximizes our ability to deliver high performance to our clients.”

Learn more about ETS’ work with ¡Sí! online.