April 13, 2012

Business Education Network

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The business community is the number one consumer of the public education system and therefore must be an involved and engaged stakeholder in the education of America’s children. Through the Business Education Network (BEN) ―a coalition of business leaders engaged in Pre-K to 12th grade education policy, programs, and research―participants will develop and promote the implementation of programs and policies that improve academic achievement in this country.

BEN aims to lead a movement of businesses of all sizes and sectors dedicated to addressing the educational needs of our nation with a unified voice and coordinated actions.

BEN is unique in three key ways:

  • Its access to leading education experts. BEN—through its staff and team of advisers—is informed by decades of experience and leadership in both education and business.
  • Its broad reach through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s membership and communication capabilities. BEN’s affiliation with the U.S. Chamber provides an expansive network of corporate supporters unsurpassed by other organizations.
  • Its comprehensive approach to the challenges facing the business community in education. In building a coalition of cross-sector business leaders engaged in pre–K to 12th grade education policy, programs, and research, BEN strives to ensure a solid pipeline throughout our nation’s education system.

For more information, please contact Jaimie Matthews.