January 10, 2008

Partnering with One-Stop Career Centers: Strategies for Recruiting and Training Employees: A “How To” Manual

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Today, many employers say that recruitment has become their most significant challenge as they face diminishing numbers of available trained workers at the same time as baby boomers are leaving the workforce. This manual answers that challenge in two ways. First, it introduces employers to a strategy for addressing their employee recruitment needs using, and partnering with, the public workforce development system. Second, it will assist employer associations and their members in pursuing this strategy.

Businesses use a variety of tactics to find workers (including the zero-sum approach of enticing them from other employers). Because the challenge of too few or undertrained workers will grow in the next few years, employers are seeking help from any useful source. Many employers are taking fresh and serious looks at recruiting workers from non-traditional sources or pools of new workers. Veterans, older workers, immigrants, and persons with disabilities are examples. A valuable and underutilized partner to assist with recruitment—especially for non-traditional workers—is the public workforce system. Its main components are local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), which oversee the system at the community level, along with the local service offices they operate, One-Stop Career Centers. This system offers a number of services to employers, often at no cost. The One-Stop Centers can also assist in training for an employer’s workforce.