September 8, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! Why Business Should Support Early Childhood Education

“Ready, Set, Go! Why Business Should Support Early Childhood Education,” ICW’s newest publication, sheds light on the tremendous impact that early childhood education has on the national economic security and the viability of the American dream. Focusing heavily on the scientific research that has proven early childhood education to be profoundly influential in health and well-being as well as economic vitality for individuals and society, ICW attests that the investment and support on the part of American businesses is imperative to the success of the American workforce.

This report, funded with the help of the The Pew Charitable Trusts and Knowledge Universe, focuses on early learning as an investment in workforce development by supporting policies that proffer high-quality, evidence-based learning programs. Additionally, the report provides promising practices of successful early childhood education initiatives throughout the country alongside a step-by-step guide businesses may use to support and invest in early childhood education in their communities. The business community has a prime opportunity to get involved in supporting early childhood education -- now is the time to act. An investment in early childhood education today will have large impacts on a highly-skilled workforce tomorrow.

In addition, make sure to read our brief, Starting Smart & Finishing Strong: Fixing the Cracks in America's Workforce Pipeline Through Investments in Early Childhood Development