January 5, 2013

Redesigning Federal Financial Aid

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The Institute for a Competitive Workforce assembled the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Task Force on Student Aid to develop a set of core principles that represent the needs of the business community when considering the redesign of federal financial aid, and to contribute to the public debate by offering observations about the shortcomings of the current system and discussing ideas for experts to consider. The group deliberated during several in person meetings and conference calls to develop a white paper from the perspective of the business community. Task Force members were asked to reflect on how the existing system affects them and what changes they would make to optimize the system in order to maximize the public’s investment and improve student outcomes.

However, Task Force members were not asked to achieve consensus on the ideas advanced within this report. As such, this report does not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of the members of the Task Force, nor does it reflect the official policy positions of the Institute for a Competitive Workforce or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The members of the Task Force on Student Aid are as follows:

  • Christopher Cooney, Metro South Chamber of Commerce
  • Deepa Gupta, The Boeing Company
  • Kathy Havens Payne, State Farm
  • Marc Hill, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Kamela, Microsoft, Inc.
  • T. Vance McMahan, TVM Consulting
  • Charles Miller, Meridian National, Inc.
  • Susan Pareigis, Florida Council of 100
  • William Powers, Rolls Royce North America, Inc.
  • Dale Ramezani, The Boeing Company
  • Derek Redelman, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Alma Salazar, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Drew Scheberle, Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • Kathleen Shanahan, Uretek Holdings, Inc.
  • Theresa Shaw, College Board