October 25, 2010

Starting Smart & Finishing Strong: Fixing the Cracks in America's Workforce Pipeline Through Investments in Early Childhood Development

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Business has a clear economic stake in the future of our nation’s children and should be an active partner in promoting policies that help young children succeed.

In a survey of U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, nine out of ten agreed that, to ensure the United States remains competitive with other high-achieving countries, we must raise academic expectations and performance. Right now, 80 to 90 million American adults, about half of the workforce, do not have the basic education and communication skills required to acquire and advance in jobs. To compete and win in this economy, we need a well-educated, team-capable and job-ready workforce. Investments in young children set tomorrow’s employees on a trajectory to meet these demands.

This brief coincides with ICW's white paper on early childhood education, Ready, Set, Go! Why Business Should Support Early Childhood Education.