November 1, 2009

STEMing the Teacher Shortage Tide

“STEMing the Teacher Shortage Tide” addresses our nation’s need to redress the critical shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) candidates to pursue careers in these fields as well as candidates with STEM backgrounds to teach in our nation’s P-12 schools.

Without a qualified pool of STEM teachers who have degrees in these fields, we continue the cycle of unprepared math and science students taught by underprepared teachers. STEM teachers whose background or preparation is weak simply do not promote passion and commitment in students to pursue STEM careers or to become STEM teachers. The premise of this document is to focus on these  concerns by uniting business and education as partners.

This partnership represents an innovative and mutually beneficial solution to meet the needs of business and the needs of education. The result of this union empowers our country so we can retain our role as a world economic and political leader.