The project refurbishes used IT networking equipment and sells it again as certified preowned, extending its useful life. PureWRX leaders have done trade-in and certified preowned programs in many industries and seen the benefits of re-using equipment in those programs.

Given the environmental hazards of disposing of computer equipment, this space seemed like an excellent fit for a circular project as well as to provide economic benefit for customers as well as manufacturers. Computer companies use equipment in various ways– they have labs, loaners, components awaiting assembly, etc. Customers sometimes wish to sell equipment they own when they upgrade their systems.

This project obtains internal inventory, customer-held equipment, and “gray market” sales on sites like eBay, and sends it out to other customers once it has been refurbished and certified.

PureWRX partners with Juniper Networks in this project, and is hoping to replicate it with other manufacturers. PureWRX also partners with contract manufacturer Celestica to inspect and refurbish equipment to make it certified. Tens of thousands of pieces of Juniper certified preowned equipment have been sold in the last year alone, and the number continues to grow.

Customer satisfaction with the program has been very high, and they are asking for more brands to be added. PureWRX and Juniper both profit from the value reclaimed from product that would otherwise incur disposal costs and be treated as a writeoff.

Certified preowned; refurbishment; end of life; re-use; responsible sourcing; upcycling; durability; design service; IT hardware; computer networking