August 1, 2014

Reading List on the Data-Driven Economy

As part of its Data-Driven Innovation Project, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has compiled a reading list for those interested in topics related to Big Data, data-driven innovation and the data economy.

This list includes articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and academic journals. Many of the more notable articles are annotated.

The bibliography will likely never be complete, as new research and opinion is constantly being published. The Chamber Foundation will happily accept suggestions for items to be added.

Email to submit an item for consideration.

The reading list is divided into the following 13 sections. A full PDF of the bibliography is also available below.

  1. Overview and Benefits of Big Data
  2. Data Economy as New Economic Cycle
  3. Big Data and Prediction
  4. Big Data and Data Science
  5. How Big is Big Data?
  6. Big Data and Security, Privacy
  7. Big Data and Health
  8. Big Data and the Law
  9. Big Data and the Sciences
  10. Big Data and Enterprise
  11. Big Data and Industry Applications
  12. Technologies and Economics
  13. Technologies and Employment