December 1, 2007

State of Corporate Community Investment in 2007 - The Future of America's Communities and Competitiveness

Release Date: December 2007

In the competitive marketplace and rapidly changing social landscapes, “The Question” for companies interested in fostering progress in their communities is how to best invest in them.

The answer that a CEO might have given 20 years ago would probably be different than the answer he or she would give today. Times are changing, and how companies engage as citizens in their communities is changing as a result.

Six significant socioeconomic trends that are independent of — but inseparable from — corporate citizenship are changing how business leaders think about and invest in their communities.

  • Trend 1: The Knowledge Economy Is Here to Stay
  • Trend 2: Opportunity Is Increasingly Important
  • Trend 3:Environmental Considerations Are SignificantCommunity Factors
  • Trend 4: Demographics Are Having a Profound Impact on Community Structures
  • Trend 5: Globalization Is Real, but It Is Not a Panacea
  • Trend 6: “Value” Is Measurable in Both Economic and Societal Terms

The confluence of these trends in a corporate citizenship context has significant implications for American businesses. This 2007 report addresses trends, charts a path forward, and offers a multitude of business examples of community investment.