March 27, 2012

The State of the Corporate Responsibility Profession

As part of BCLC’s mission to foster the role of business in society, we partnered with CROA to undertake a study to provide a benchmark of corporate responsibility as a profession and a field.

CROA and BCLC surveyed various stakeholders, including academics, practitioners, and recognized thought leaders, for the study. The results serves as a benchmark for where the CR profession stands in 2012 as well as provides recommendations on how to mature the field’s set of knowledge, skills and attributes.

Produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) and the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) with support from IBM.

Sample Findings

  • CR remains a nascent profession lacking the distinct set of professional characteristics;
  • The CR field lacks a deliberate career path; and 
  • The progress of the corporate responsibility officer (CRO) is continuously evolving.

In the News

  • Fast Co.Exist: The State Of Corporate Responsibility: Ambivalent, Leaderless, And A Little Apathetic (4/6/12)
  • CSRwireTalkBack Blog: The CSR Profession: New Report Indicates Shifting Gears for CSR 2.0

Next Steps

This study is the first part of a joint effort between BCLC and CROA. We aim to codify the field’s roles, skills, and knowledge; explain the current state of practice; and develop a set of recommendations to advance CR as a management discipline.

Related Material

Release Date: March 2012