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October 18, 2011

Together for Recovery: "Business is Part of the Solution"

Published: December, 2009

BCLC's latest report, Together For Recovery: Business is Part of the Solution, is a compilation of stories about how the business community is helping individuals, non profits, communities, and small businesses weather the economic storm. BCLC estimates that these resources, available at no cost, represent millions of dollars in corporate community assistance. For a complete listing of more than 300 business offerings, visit the Together For Recovery portal.

  • Introduction, by Sarie Macrie
  • Chapter 1: The State of the Economy
  • Chapter 2: Business is Part of the Solution - For Individuals
  • Chapter 3: Business is Part of the Solution - For Communities and Local Governments
  • Chapter 4: Business is Part of the Solution - For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Chapter 5: Business is Part of the Solution - For Nonprofits
  • Chapter 6: Economic Recovery - Corporate Citizenship in Action
  • Lessons Learned for the Future: Business will Be Part of the Solution Tomorrow Too, by Stephen Jordan

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