February 28, 2013

Advancing Women to the Top

Women have made tremendous advancements in the workforce over the years. However, progress remains sluggish when it comes to the “power seats,” particularly in the C-suite and on corporate boards. Women currently hold just 4.2% of CEO positions in Fortune 1000 companies. At the same time, there are companies that defy this trend. These companies are actively advancing women to the highest levels of leadership, and as a result, they have more engaged boards and greater diversity of talent and ideas. 

The Center for Women in Business and our research adviser, McKinsey & Company, set out to identify the companies that are ahead of the curve. Advancing Women to the Top examines the best practices of 12 Fortune 1000 companies that are good at promoting and developing women at the board, C-suite, and management levels. The report discuss six insights that companies of all sizes and across all industries will find helpful for increasing women's leadership at the executive and board level.