September 27, 2017

Clearer Signals: Building an Employer-Led Job Registry for Talent Pipeline Management

Clearer Signals


Employers struggle to signal their hiring requirements to candidates. We recommend a job registry to change that.
Develop accurate industry-aligned needs and distribute those through the right channels to close the skills gap.

Employers today are struggling to fill open positions because of a growing skills gap. Many have argued that the skills gap is caused, in part, by an inability of employers to signal their hiring requirements consistently and at scale in a rapidly changing talent marketplace. Prior attempts to improve employer signaling have been met with limited success. Employer signaling will remain elusive and the skills gap will continue to grow unless employers have the tools needed to provide clearer signals in talent markets especially to their education, training, and credentialing partners.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s (USCCF’s) Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative is exploring how employers can close the skills gap by improving how they communicate or “signal” their hiring requirements. Based on lessons learned from TPM, the USCCF now proposes to develop and pilot test an employer-led job registry service that can assist employers and their HR technology partners.

By developing more accurate, complete, and comparable job descriptions aligned across industries that can better communicate competency and credentialing requirements, and distributing these more structured and comparable descriptions and requirements through multiple talent sourcing channels, we can connect the right candidates to the right positions more efficiently.