September 22, 2015

The Internet of Everything: Data, Networks and Opportunities


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation explores opportunities and challenges relating to the Internet of Everything.

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What is the promise of data-driven innovation? How can it drive our economy and improve our lives?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is pleased to present "The Internet of Everything" project, a collection of essays and articles that explore the many ways that data and Internet connectivity is changing the face of business and society. 

These essays examine topics such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities and advanced transportation systems. They explore the important security and privacy issues surrounding the use of data, and look at key public policy questions including regulations, the ethical and responsible use of data, and the use of data to help underserved communities.

We encourage you to click on the interactive table of contents above to access more than two dozen articles from noted experts from the public and private sectors.

In addition to these essays, look to this page for content from our Sept. 22 event, "The Internet of Everything: Data, Networks, and Opportunities." And for more related research, check out the Foundation's initiative on Data-Driven Innovation.


Topic: International Commerce

Expanding the Digital Economy Though Data

Writer(s): Cam Kerry, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution's Center for Technology & Innovation, Senior Counsel, Sidley Austin LLP, former General Counsel, US Department of Commerce


Topic: Data Threats

A Hacker’s Perspective – You Better Be Ready

Writer(s): Jayson Street, Hacker


Topic: Investment

Information, Investment and the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): George Ford, Chief Economist & Larry Spiwak, President of Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Policy Studies


Topic: Civil Right/Civil Liberties

Guarding Against Data Discrimination in the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee, Vice President and Chief Research & Policy Officer, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC)


Topic: Open Data

Open Data: Policy Reforms Drive Innovation and Opportunity

Writer(s): Hudson Hollister, Executive Director, Data Transparency Coalition


Topic: Public – Private Sector Engagement

Balancing Value Creation and Data Security with Public-Private Partnerships

Writer(s): Howard Schmidt, Partner, Ridge-Schmidt Cyber 


Topic: Public Policy

Don’t Let Fear Hold Back the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): Adam Thierer, Fellow, Mercatus Center, George Mason University


Topic: Regulatory Environment

With Data, Will Regulators Show Humility or Hubris

Writer(s): Susan Dudley, Director, Regulatory Studies Center; Research Professor, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, George Washington University


Topic: Infrastructure Resilience

Vulnerability and Resilience in the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): Frank J. Cilluffo, Director, Center for Cyber and Homeland Security (CCHS), George Washington University & and Sharon L. Cardash, Associate Director, CCHS, George Washington University


Topic: Efficiency

Improving Business Efficiency with the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): Phil Gerskovich, SVP, New Growth Platforms, Zebra Technologies 


Topic: Industry Collaboration

Working Together on the Road – Connected Cars and Collaboration

Writer(s): Hilary Cain, Director, Technology and Innovation Policy, Toyota


Topic: Data Ethics

Ethics and Privacy in the Data-Driven World

Writer(s): Jules Polonetsky, Founder, Future of Privacy Forum & Joseph Jerome


Topic: Data for Underserved Populations

Addressing Inequality and the ‘Data Divide’

Writer(s): Daniel Castro, Executive Director, Center for Data Innovation


Topic: Building Trust

A Trust Framework for the Internet of Everything

Writer(s): Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft


Topic: Crisis Response

Take Shelter Now: Data-Driven Personalized Weather Alerts

Writer(s): Peter Gieneke, GIS Data Engineer, Crisis Response, Google


Topic: A Physician’s Perspective

Connected Care – A Data –Driven Future of Medicine

Writer(s): Dr. Allison Suttle, Chief Medical Officer, Sanford Health


Topic: Combating Hunger

With Data, Seeing American Hunger from 50,000 Feet

Writer(s): Maria Belding, Founder & Executive Director, MEANS Database


Topic: Trade

Fostering Digital Trade is Key to Growth

Writer(s): Myron Brilliant, Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 


-Topic: Privacy

Ushering in Digital Corporate Social Responsibility

Writer(s): Nuala O’Connor, President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology


Topic: Tomorrow’s Data Business

With Data Comes New Jobs, New Companies, New Possibilities

Writer(s): John Raidt, USCCF Scholar – in partnership with Jason Tyszko, Foundation/CEW


Topic: Startups

Unleash the Entrepreneurs

Writer(s): Evan Burfield, Co-founder, 1776 


Topic: Government’s Role

How to Regulate the Internet of Things Without Harming its Future

Writer(s): Joshua Wright, former Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission


Topic: Cities & Industry

Data, Innovation, and Millennials Take Hold in Detroit

Writer(s): Michael Hendrix, Director of Research, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation


-Topic: Economics

Why GDP Statistics are Failing Us

Writer(s): Diane Coyle, Principal, Enlightenment Economics


Topic: Retail/Consumer Innovation

Data-Driven Innovation in Retail

Writer(s): Leslie Bradshaw, Principal, Made by Many, USCCF Fellow


Topic: Automotive/Transportation

Driving into a Connected Future – How Data is Changing the Auto Industry

Writer(s): Catherine McCullough, Executive Director of the Intelligent Car Coalition, Auto Alliance


Topic: Healthcare

The App-ification of Medicine 2.0

Writer(s): Bret Swanson, Principal, Entropy Economics; USCCF Scholar


Topic: Infrastructure

Data is the New Oil

Writer(s): Michael Chertoff, Chairman & Founder, The Chertoff Group


Topic: Immersive Internet

The Immersive Internet: Public Policy In A Hundred-Billion Device World

Writer(s): Bret Swanson, Principal, Entropy Economics; USCCF Scholar