October 17, 2017

Leading the Way Toolkit

Leading the Way


Toolkit provides resources for the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable childcare.
High-quality, affordable, and accessible childcare has a significant impact on the economic growth and competitiveness of our companies and country. Yet America is facing a childcare challenge that threatens the productivity and strength of the workforce of today— as well as the quality of the workforce of tomorrow.
A world-class workforce begins with a world-class education system. While school has previously been viewed as the start of a child’s education, we now know that the path to a good education and successful career starts at birth. 
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is committed to promoting efforts to improve and expand access to quality early education programs.
This toolkit provides resources to enable the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable childcare to support employees, the broader community, and the country. This includes key facts and an elevator speech on childcare, a tactical guide with tangible ways that the business community can make an impact, and case studies that illustrate best practices and lessons learned for how to engage.


Minnesota - Over the past 15 years, business leaders in Minnesota have partnered with advocacy groups and the public sector to develop strategies to close the achievement gap by improving the accessibility, affordability, and quality of childcare in Minnesota. Read the case study.

The Home Depot - When the leadership team of this major home improvement retailer was approached about childcare by a group of interested parents, The Home Depot benefits team believed that taking a look at the spectrum of care solutions was a no-brainer. Not only did the idea follow the vision of its founders, but the team also saw this as key to investing in the future of the company and as a mechanism to attract the very best and brightest talent. Read the case study.

Louisiana - With a childcare challenge that threatens the strength and productivity of the workforce of today and tomorrow, the stakes for finding solutions are high. This case study looks at how business leaders became advocates and joined forces with policymakers, educators, and others in the community to improve the childcare system. Read the case study. 

Shared Services Alliances - A Shared Services Alliance is a partnership of childcare providers working together to share costs and deliver services in a streamlined and efficient way. Shared services came into being as a strategic solution to a complex problem. This case study looks at the different ways businesses can contribute to Shared Services Alliances, taking the burden off these providers and enabling them to do what they do best—provide high-quality care. Read the case study.

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