October 29, 2018

T3 Network Phase 1 Report

T3 Innovation Network Phase One Final Report


Phase 1 explored stakeholder use cases, data standardization, competency development, and uses of linked data.
Phase 2 will focus on implementing the 10 pilot projects outlined in this report, among other initiatives.

Developing an Open, Public-Private Data
Infrastructure for the Talent Marketplace

The T3 Innovation Network (T3 Network) was established through the collaboration of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Lumina Foundation. It is an open innovation network that is working to promote and build an open, shared, and distributed public-private data and technology infrastructure for the talent marketplace. The T3 Network is made up of a diverse group of stakeholders, including employers, education, training and credentialing providers, technical standards organizations, technology vendors, government agencies, and others.

Its goal? To explore how the convergence of Web 3.0 technologies can be used to create a more responsive, dynamic, and equitable talent marketplace. The result? An empowered American student and worker (learner) who can leverage data and technology to better access and navigate opportunity in an increasingly data-driven talent marketplace.

Phase one of the T3 Network began in March 2018 with the creation of four work groups that explored stakeholder use cases in the talent marketplace, data standardization, competency development, and uses of linked individual-level data. Over seven months the T3 Network held a series of in-person and virtual meetings with more than 150 public and private organizations and institutions.

Phase two of the T3 Network will begin in 2019. This phase will focus on supporting the T3 Network’s Guiding Principles, formalizing the engagement of participants, growing the diversity and global reach of the network, and implementing the 10 pilot projects outlined in this report.

This report summarizes and brings to a close phase one of the T3 Network. The report is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on the T3 Network’s vision, guiding principles, and profiles the work groups. Part II highlights the T3 Network’s recommendations, organized as a list of pilot projects that together provide the foundation for an open, distributed, public-private data infrastructure that supports access and opportunity for the American student and worker. The report concludes with next steps and acknowledgements.

Phase Two

Lumina Foundation is joined by Walmart in supporting Phase Two of the T3 Innovation Network, announced via press release in December 2018.

The focus of Phase Two is implementing a series of ten pilot projects, outlined in the Phase One report, that will help us build the technology infrastructure and data/system standards we need to modernize the U.S. talent marketplace by aligning learner, education, and workforce data.