March 15, 2021

TPM: A Case Study Analysis of Best Practices and Common Challenges

With collaboratives now established in more than 30 industries across 36 states, the Chamber Foundation has learned a lot about best practices and common challenges associated with launching and managing TPM employer collaboratives. This report captures what the Chamber Foundation and its partners have learned to date to benefit current practitioners as they develop and enhance their own TPM projects. It can also be useful for future practitioners who are still learning about TPM and how it can add value to their workforce partnerships.

The report is broken into three sections. First, an overview of the TPM approach and how it differs from existing workforce development strategies. Second, findings from a national survey of TPM participants facilitated in conjunction with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC). And third, a detailed comparative analysis of survey results and focus group takeaways from two states that have been engaged in TPM implementation: Michigan and Kentucky. The analysis highlights progress made with TPM in each state, and discusses the key challenges and success factors that have influenced their work to date.

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