Deven R.

Graduate of the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Hired by Starbucks

I have served 10 years in the Air Force all within the field of aircraft maintenance with the exception of the last 3 in which I held the position of an Aircraft Maintenance Instructor. As an E-5, with about 8 months left on my enlistment  I realized that my priorities have changed significantly since I first enlisted and that it would be in the best interest of my family if I separated from active duty.

I thought that with my mechanical background I would be able to gain meaningful employment working as a technician, troubleshooting and fixing equipment within some organization; but that’s not what I really wanted to do. What I really wanted to do was to work in the corporate environment, but there was a gap. I wondered how I would be able to completely switch industries without having to start from the beginning, and that’s where the Corporate Fellowship Program filled the void I had.

Because of the Corporate Fellowship Program I was able to fellow at the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle leading meaningful work for the organization while still on active duty. Through this program and the networking opportunities that were provided; I received and accepted a job offer from Starbucks and will start the day after I separate from the military.  

Thanks to the Corporate Fellowship Program I was able to meet and exceed all of the goals that I had set for myself when I began my transition process and I can’t thank them enough.